Saturday, March 20, 2010

We did it!

On Tuesday, March 16, 2010 I married the love of my life! It was just us and Maddi Claire... so beautiful and perfect... We are planning a celebration for family and friends in May--hopefully.

We are loving living in Acworth, GA. Maddi has made several friends already here in the neighborhood and we are looking forward to a very happy family life is Suburbia:).

More pics will come soon... I was only able to get one done before everything shut down... that is another story..hopefully to be resolved soon so I still have a husband! haha... kidding...I think :/

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Been A While

January 28, 2010
It has been a very long time since I have blogged. So much has happened and so many different turns and changes....

I did get a full time job in January 2009 at an insurance agency. God's grace was amazing during my time of unemployment.

In May 2009, I had the very special miracle of reconnecting with my high school sweetheart, Chad Gibson. We dated back in the day and life had taken us in different directions. We connected several times over the years and kept in touch periodically, but the timing was never right for one reason or another... but this year was OUR year... it has been an amazing whirlwind of a romance that never really died... He is the love of my life!

I moved to Mississippi to work and set up a life with Chad, as we plan to get married.

In November 2009, Chad was offered a position with Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Ga. This shook things up a bit with Maddi and work and moving...but God has a plan for us and I know He has this in control...

We spent Thanksgiving painting and fixing things to prepare his home for sale! That was much fun...I was proud of us for the paint job and Chad's handyman skills !

We spent Christmas holidays in Tennessee with our families... Christmas was wild as always at mom's house and I thoroughly enjoyed a special time with the Gibsons on the farm! Chad has those pics on his computer so I do not have them right now to show :(.

So now I am staying with Mom in Tennessee until Maddi finishes 4th Grade at Mayfield and then we will move with Chad to our house in Acworth, GA when we get married!

So that is it in a nutshell.... lots of craziness and details I have left out...but God is Good and His grace is sufficient and I am blessed... sooo blessed!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some good things....

Let's see.... I wrote last in October. Since then....

October 31:
Halloween... it was all fun and games til someone... sprains their ankle... yes, it's true... Maddi and Kristopher and Aidan were playing in the jumy thing at the mall and Miss Maddi hurt her ankle... it actually scared me a bit because when I looked at it it was swollen pretty badly immediately... reminded me of when i broke my foot... but I didn't overreact, just calmly went to get some ice to put on it. Turned out she got ok, but every now and then it still seems to be sensitive...

Iron Man (Kristopher) Bat Man (Aidan) Puppy (Maddi)

November 1:
Maddi and I moved to a different apartment. After I lost my job, we had to make several changes... it is small and I have boxes everywhere because I have no room... but it's our home now. And it has heat while it's cold. (how's that for being positive :)

November 12:
I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to attend the CMA Awards with a friend from High was a really fun time!

November 28:
Thanksgiving was at mom's with just Stephen and mom and me. Maddi went to Dothan with her dad. Stephen's kids were gone and mom had been very sick and we just got together for a few hours and ate and watched old home DVDs and cried... we all hate the timing of Thanksgiving.. a lot of sad things have happened this time of year and so much has changed in our family... it's just not fun... anyway... we were all thankful that we had each other.

December 2:
We just tonight, as a matter of fact, celebrated Maddi's 9th birthday!!!! She had a concert at school tonight too, so I will include some of both! What a nice night!

Look at my gorgeous girl!

Maddi and Mrs. Stuart

Maddi and Nana

Pretty Maddi singing her heart out!

After her concert we went to Logan's to celebrate!

Yep, they got her up on the chair...she loved it!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a few things

Hello! It is a rainy Friday morning and I would like to still be sleeping, but domestic duty calls! Dogs, yard sale pricing, packing and organizing for a move..

I have been interning with Precision Transcription the past few weeks to become a medical transcriptionist. I have not fully completed the course, but my friend Ann was nice enough to bring me in without the full certification. This has truly beena miracle. I will begin work in this field in just a couple of weeks and as time goes on, this will build into a very good job.

Maddi has been busy.... She made the varsity cheerleading squad at Mayfield Elementary. They will be the competition squad. Maddi is really doing quite well and is enjoying it. Third grade is going well for her, she loves her teacher, Mrs. Stuart. A lot of people I know said thier kids had her and L O V E her. She is very wonderful as I can see so far and Maddi really likes her. This makes all the difference in the world for Maddi!

Maddi has been asking for "layers" in her hair for a while now and we went Sunday, October 12 to get some cut in... they new do is adorable and it makes her curls really come out when she gets hot and sweaty :) and when it rains.. sooo cute... I was afraid she wouldnt like it, but she seems happy with the curls . This pic is just a few minutes after it was cut...

Maddi recently spent the day with me at Ann's and they have horses... So Pastor Sam got them out and let Maddi and the kids ride. Maddi was in heaven!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Maddi's 8 year old pics

Yes I know, she will be 9 in December, but these were taken in July on the Lee University campus by a great friend and talented photographer, Greg Serum.

Take a look!

Friday, August 22, 2008


OK.. so I looked over my blog and saw that my last post was July 1. Just before I lost my job... Yes. The very next morning, they called me in and told me my position was terminated. That was almost 2 months ago and over 35 resumes and applications later...still no job.

I have completed my Medical Terminology course and have moved on to Medical Transcription, hoping to get that up and running before Christmas.

Maddi had a wonderful time at youth camp, but I am so horrible, I did not take a picture of the girls... I think Glen did with his camera so maybe I can get a copy... things have been really crazy since I haven't been working and my brain doesn't work right.

Maddi started 3rd grade! This was fun. Her teacher is Mrs. Stuart and she is so sweet! I think Maddi will do well this year... she has a great 2nd grade since transferring to Mayfield and my hope is that whatever happens with my job situation that she can stay in that school.. I am praying that is the case...

My 3rd Grader!

Here is a shot of us just hanging out at home on a Sunday... notice the mascara Maddi has on.. this is an important part of her "look" these days :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1, 2008--WOW Can't belive it's July

I haven't written in while here! A lot has been going on in the world of Maddi and myself. The very last week of April I was moved to another position in this building, not thrilled about it, but it pays the bills and is a decent environment to work in. So I am thankful.

I am still working at home diligently on the Medical Transcription Courses. I have completed the first part and am waiting on my proctor to give me the midterm so I can complete the course! I have made very good scores on all my quizes and review tests so here's hoping I do well on the exam!


May 5 :
I had a birthday --not so exciting but for purposes of updating this blog I may as well include a few pics.
PF Changs with my CUZZZZZ-Cinco de Mayo BABY, better known as Steph's Birthday!

They surprised me with this cake :) Eating at Macaroni Grill-YUMO!

Look at Mis--just a couple of weeks before Isabella came!

May 8:

Mother's Day was nice. I am a DORK and didn't take pics of us and our mom, but I did get one at Maddi's Mother's Day lunch at school, ..haha . That was fun, she was proud to have her mom there and all the little kids were so cute showing their moms that.

May 9:

We had a girls day out with the girls' club from chuch on Signal Mountain...this was a treat, the girls had a slumber party and then we all drove up to Signal Mountain for the state function.

Slumber Party!

Little sweetie slepping :)

Maddi and Brenda

Maddi and her favorite part--the horses!

May 19:

I also had the privelege to go with Maddi's second grade class to the Ocoee River Center -that was really fun and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I am not bright and only had my camera phone, but got a couple of pics!

May 23rd - 26th:

Carol and I went to LAS VEGAS BABY the last weekend in -HAD A BLAST!

The Bellagio--this is where we stayed!


June 1-8:

Maddi had the unique opportunity to go to Trinidad with her dad to be a part of his wedding. I do not have any pictures to post, but she had a great time that I am glad will forever be in her memory!

June 8:

We remembered our precious Hailie this month...if she was still with us she would have been 12 years old --Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

June 14-16:

Savannah, GA for Kaila's graduation--Can't believe she has graduated!

So now..... we are into July! Maddi will be with her dad for the holiday and then she goes to YOUTH CAMP Monday, July 7! Love this! Won't have many pics here either since I am not going to be up there except for taking them, but I will get a couple of the girls...Courtlyn and Maddi--Get Ready Tennessee Youth they come!